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Kilobytes? Megabytes? Gigabytes? Bandwidth? Server space? ........ Sheeesh!

A byte is a measure of data...  think of it as one character on the keyboard. Type the letter A, that's a byte. A kilobyte is one thousand bytes (KB). A megabyte is one million bytes (MB). A gigabyte is one billion bytes (GB). There is also a terabyte and I'm sure you can figure that one out. Graphics are measured differently and the byte size depends on the resolution.

Bandwidth is a way of measuring the amount of data that is delivered to visitors that view your web pages. It also includes the process of loading the server with your files from a source point. Email sent and received through the server also counts towards this monthly figure. (Yes, even junk mail that you receive counts.)

Space is the measurement for all of your files that reside on our server, ready to display to your visitors, and all the email that you have not moved onto your computer and off the server.
THE REAL STORY... Bandwidth = data moved.
How much bandwidth and space does one really need?

Assume you have a simple one-page website with some text, a few pictures and a simple background that doesn't sing, dance or shoot fireworks. That total will probably be less than 100KB of data to display for visitors (the page you're reading now is less than 500 KB).

Alternatively, if you want a busy background with music playing, lots of moving graphics, bunches of Flash applications, etc., this could make pages over 1000 KB.