Would you like an email address with a name you can choose?

Like  mary@marysworld.com   or   bob@superbob.com ?
Most of the English language domain names are taken so you have to be creative

pick compound words like JaneLive.com  or  footballmaniac.com

pick misspelled words like cranberi.com  or  redshooze.com

use your imagination, we'll help you find one that not only fits YOU but it is still available for purchase

.com   .net   .us   domains are the most suitable for home use
Hey, it doesn't cost that much !   Escape from dumb names like robert37593@aol.com  and jennifer4569@verizon.net

1.  Find the domain that fits YOU.
2.  Buy the domain for $12 per year (we'll do this for you)
3.  Buy a domain host for $18 per year (we'll do this for you)
4.  Find the right assistant to bring all of this together for
$0.00 per year (we'll do this for you)
5.  As a bonus, we'll throw in space on the server for one web page so you can tell the world about yourself.

     You can have (for example)
Special page for Home User
Tech Talk
Order Service
email link
Home User
Online Store
Tampa Florida area